Image in the sky

Hi everyone , hope you are all enjoying your summer.

Just posting a photograph taken by someone who was a close friend of Zac`s.

His friend ( who wishes to remain anonymous) happened to be thinking of him and looked up and could see his name form in the clouds.

Its quite nice that loved ones that are departed and are only a thought away and you then see a message from them in a physical form, in that moment , it makes you feel that there is no death.

marked up to show where Zac` name is seen,
Original photo, was taken on a phone, I imagine it looked much clearer for real, Clouds can be quite hard to capture in a photograph.
Here is the image inverted,

I always thought this was quite funny when Zac played at the Brit awards wearing a boxing glove.

There seems to be so many misquotes  in some of these articles though, or Zac and the others would often say something as a joke and be taken seriously.

Many of the reports seem to make them out as just having a good time and not caring about the music that much when this was far from true.

Zac wearing boxing glove at the Brit awards