I`m not sure where this was taken, my dad sent me this one not long after Zac died

Zachary Sebastian Rex James Foley (most commonly known as Zac) was born on the 9th December 1970 and died the 2nd January 2002 at the age of 31.

He was born in Gloucester hospital and was brought up in the beautiful Forest of Dean, where deer and sheep roam free and these days wild boar.

The Forest was our playground and as kids, we felt we were in paradise living in such a beautiful place.
Zac loved exploring and walking through the Forest when he was a child and his love of walking and exploring the countryside stayed with him until he died.
He lived in London for his work and although he loved the countryside, he liked where he was living in London as it wasn`t too far from Hamstead Heath so he had that to roam around when he needed a bit of quiet time.
We lived with our Mum, Anne and Dad, Rex,  Dad is a very fine painter and is quite well known around the Forest area, and my Mum is very good at writing poetry although I don’t think she thought it was that good, (which wasn`t true) and didn’t write as often as she should have done.
I suppose I should put more of a methodical list of his attributes, so here they are.
Name:- Zachary Sebastian Rex James Foley,  mostly known as Zac,  or Zak….
Born:- Gloucester hospital on 9th December 1970
Died:- 2nd January 2002 at age 31
Height:- 6` 2″  or   187.96 cm
Hair:- Brown
Eyes:- Brown


31 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Just like to say I went to college with Zac and was always glad to see him as we got older. Even though he got famous he never showed it when we bumped into each other whether that be in the pub or Asda in Gloucester. I was gutted when I heard he died. He will always be missed by lots of people.

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  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have the chance of meet him of know him (I’m from Canada… Québec… and I don’t really speaks English). So I’m glad to read the story about his life, about what he likes or what is dislikes. I hope to see more of Zac (or Zak) as a child. Once again, Thanks big Zac Sister 😉

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    1. Hello and nice to meet you, Virginie 🙂 I’m as much as same with you, expect I’ve been to EMF gigs many times, I didn’t know him much though his bass grabbed my heart. And as I’m from Japan I’m not good at English…
      Very glad his fans coming and leave comments here, though I’m not this site’s owner :p
      We all thank for his sister, give us place to exchange how much we miss and love him.


  3. Nice to meet you too Rumi. I have so much questions to ask to Anne Marie. First… Anne-Marie is a little frenchy as a name… Does the Foleys have some french origins? Zac already did a little French speaking (With Derry) at Musique Plus (French Canadian MTV) by saying “Ici Zac de EMF et vous écouter Musique Plus). I have the video on an old VHS cassette, but I don’t know how to put it on the Web (Sorry).

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    1. Hi Virginie! 🙂
      I don’t notice about it, AnneMarie will tell you their origins…
      You saw (and have) Zac’s speaking French….Did he speak fluently? I’m just curious, and want to hear – Lucky you!


    2. Sorry Virginie, only just noticed your comment, I haven`t seen that video either, wow, i think he spoke a little French. Strangely enough `French` is my mothers maiden name, so perhaps we have some origins way back. Our Grandfather was Irish though, which is where the name Foley came from. I believe some of my grandfathers siblings emigrated to Canada, I`ll have to do a family tree perhaps 🙂

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  4. Zac didn’t speak long enough in French to say if his speaking fluently. Thanks AnneMarie for the information. I really like this chatting about Zac and family. It’s a way for me to know him (and you as the same time).

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    1. Sorry to reply Anja, I found many comments which I would like to join, as I’m net-surfing around fansite.
      I don’t know what HRH stand for. I re-read this page if I missed to see somewhere the word HRH, but no… Where HRH comes from? I’m wondering if I know that I’ll find the answer…


  5. Thanks for your answer, Rumi 🙂 Now I tried to google it out a little bit. The only thing I found is that HRH stands vor “His Royal Highness”. I think it could fit. I mean the boys were funny enough to give each other such designations 🙂

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  6. … as well as Bo Derek obviously was not his first girlfriend ? 😉 I just asked myself because Fred Astaire did not really fit in Zacs taste of music.

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  7. oh yes, that’s right 😀 I assume that this sentence has no real meaning. The same with Razamatazz. His thanks usually were very creative. In contrast to Best Of album. Therein he had very short words, whereby I am still rack my brain who are Melke & Liske and Mrs. Goose. Yes, I know I am too curious. 🙂

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  8. Hi AnneMarie & Zac’s fans ♥

    I had the pleasure to meet the quite and shy Zac’s in Sweden at a festival in 1995 in July. We spent the night together and so on 😉💜 I think he still one of the most important and sweetest person in my life, he listened to me when i cried over my grandmothers dead and he was so sweet to me, i was only fifteen at that time 😊We talked the whole night and i sort of felt in love with him, and he gave me he’s adress and phonenumber, he called me around christmas that year, unfortunately i wasn’t home at that time. It was extremely expensive to call from Sweden to England at this point, so i called him from my friends dad’s company several times, but when i called him, late summer in ’95 he was on tour, talked to a friend of him. But I wrote to him and sent him photos of myself, after that he called me. I looked up this site today, because i had a dream of him tonight 😢 I can’t explain the sorrow i felt when i heard of his dead. He was a really sensitive and shy guy, I know that he cared about the time we spent together. I’m so sorry 🙏 for your and your familys lost. I think everyone who knew him in real life know what i talk about when i say that he was kind of shy and a little bit of a myster, even though he smiled the whole time, i think that he had to much trouble with the fame, he said already in ’95 that he was tired of touring, it was to much party for a man like him 💙 I still love him with all of my heart ♥😢 Rest in peace Zac 💝 You learned me how a real man treat a girl. You are still important for me from time to time, you are still in my mind, after all these years 😭♥♥♥

    XO XO From Åsa in Sweden.

    PS. I’m at rehab now and if you want to write to me AnneMarie, feel free to contact me. I’m here for PTSD and painissues and ofc self medication 🤔

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    1. Hi Asa, Welcome to the site.
      Thank you for your lovely comment, and its so lovely to hear how kind he was to you. I think you are right in saying he found fame difficult 😦 I don’t think I could deal with it.
      I remember him telling me he was struggling with touring.
      He is well missed by lots of us 😦
      Hope you are ok, x x x

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    2. Hi Asa from Sweden
      I’ve been reading of the time when you met Zac, 1992 was it? Was he really as sensitive and shy as you say? I’m glad you met him when you did, because from what I’ve been reading, he was very kind to you and I expect he was like that with everyone who met him. I, too was sad when he died (4 days before my birthday in 2002) and i just screeched the whole day, until I could screech no more. I wish you all the best with your recovery, and just remember this – he’s just in the other room listening to us talking about him.

      From Lisa Curnow, in the UKX


  9. Sorry in my last post I wrote 1995, I meant 1992, I’m sorry for my mistake. Just so you know. Have a good evening.

    XO from Åsa in Sweden ♥

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  10. I too was a fan of Zac, and I was also saddened by the news of his death at just 31. Every day I wonder what he would like now. I never had the chance of meeting him, but by all accounts, he sounded like a nice, friendly person, like me, who I would have got on with. I think about him every day. I screeched on the anniversary of his untimely passing, asking myself “why did such a nice looking young man go so suddenly. I wish I had met him, although I never did.


  11. Hi AnneMarie
    You don’t know me, but to me Zac was the best looking out of the others and him saying that he didn’t think he was good looking, I thought he was. It was those eyes that got me hooked every time and was he really shy as I’ve been reading on another post? I’m a little bit shy myself, but perhaps that’s because I’m an only child. I screeched when I heard that he had died. He was too young and had so much more to give. Rest in peace Zac wherever you are because you are missed by a lot of people.

    From Lisa Curnow, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall

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      1. Thanks AnneMarie for that.
        I read somewhere that Zac didn’t think he was good looking. I didn’t believe that for one minute, because I for one, thought so every time I saw him on TV. He had the most beautiful eyes that had me hooked.

        Lisa, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall


  12. Hi AnneMarie
    I was just thinking about Zac today, like I do every day and wonder what he would have thought of Facebook and Twitter, (I’m on both) and the conversations we could have had. Writing that last bit just brought a big smile to my face. Every time I feel down or sad, I just think of Zac and I instantly feel a whole lot better. Hope you are well, will write again sometime.
    From Lisa Curnow, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall


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