In memory of Zac Foley

R.I.P Zac, after 16 years so many people still love you. I`m going to pinch Mark Hamill`s line when he played tribute to Carrie Fisher

No one`s ever really gone


9 thoughts on “In memory of Zac Foley

    1. I dont Understand these Stars….They sit by themselves….I wouldve gave anything to be his buddy…..but here I sit All by Myself blowing smoke. Smh


  1. Hi AnneMarie. I just wanted to wish you and your family the very best in 2018. I think that’s a great quote by Mark Hamill. No is ever gone. The love you have for your Brother is so amazing and i know he is very protective and proud of you.

    Lindy x

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      1. Hi AnneMarie. I hope you are well. The last time i sent you a message was in January but you entered my mind during the year. The reason being, i felt i could relate to you in certain ways. My younger Brother sadly passed away in April this year. Like you, i loved my Brother so much but unfortunately he had an addiction. He was such a decent, gentle person who wouldn’t harm anyone. He never had a bad word to say about anyone and we had a special little friendship. I spoke to him the morning before he passed away and he told me he needed to change his life around as he couldn’t go on the way he was living. I told him that i would call him that evening but i decided i would call him the following morning instead. I did try but he never answered. I never really thought anything of it so i went to work. I found out later while at work that he had passed away at home. We are still waiting for the medical results but i know he was struggling and i think it was a combination of things that caused it. I just wanted you to know as i know you were very close to your Brother and i guess i just wanted to tell you about my experience losing my lovely Brother so you that know that you’re not alone. I’m not sure if you read emails from here anymore but i thought i would send a message anyway.



      2. Oh no, so sorry to hear of your loss Lindy, hope you are feeling alright, although its still early days for you to still be grieving, April wasn`t that long ago, and it can take a long time, and waiting for medical reports must be playing on your mind too. I think it took quite a while for Zac`s report to come through as well.
        It`s often the nicest people who can struggle with addiction, your brother sounds like he was really special to you and a lovely person too. Sending you my good thoughts x x x


  2. Hi AnneMarie, i’m so hoping you haven’t received at least 4 attempts to reply back to your message. They have either disappeared or i have been requested to use a password which hasn’t been recognised so apologies again if you have been inundated with my emails. I feel slightly mortified.
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely message. Like you said it hasn’t been very long since he passed. I’m taking one day at a time. I did have a very strange dream a few days after he passed where he walked into my Dad’s sitting room along with my Mam (who has already passed) while i was sitting on the couch. It seemed so so real. I was in such shock to see both of them . I asked Evan what Heaven was like and he replied by nodding his head and smiling. It was so vivid and surreal and it made me think again that there is so much more to this mysterious world than we understand. Thanks again AnneMarie. x

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    1. Hi Lindy, sorry for delay in getting back, and ont worry I only got this one message, This is such a lovely message of yours, I often feel there is more to this life, and we are only in our current bodies for a short amount of time. Anyway hope you are feeling alright at the moment, although I know it still time, sending you good thoughts x x x


      1. Hi AnneMarie, thank you so much for your message. I’m keeping as strong as i can. Sending you and your family good and positive thoughts too as i know you think about Zac. Like my brother he’ll always be a huge part of your lives xx


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