Happy Birthday Zac!

It has come to that time of year already and this time it would have been Zac`s 45th birthday.

The years certainly have flown.

Here`s wishing you all the best Zac! Our thoughts and our hearts are with you

Zac siting


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Zac!

  1. It’s also time to celebrate him for me, for us. The most precious day ever of the year, it’s like pre-Christmas Day for me every year.
    Thank you AnneMarie for the invitation to present message to him 🙂

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  2. Oh dear, I was without computer for several weeks and could not post here from my computer at work. But of course I did not miss this day. In my thoughts I was with Zac and his dependants. Actually I am always. But December 9 is a very special day of course 🙂

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