I`m not sure where this was taken, my dad sent me this one not long after Zac died

This is a fan site dedicated to the late Zachary Foley (normally known as Zac to his fans)

As you all know, he was the bass guitarist of the band EMF in the 1990s and later went on to be a member of the band Carrie, before rejoining EMF with their second reunion in 2001
I set up this fan site for people who feel they would want to know more about him or to be part of a dedicated fan site or just to feel like they want to be more close to him.
There are many things I could tell you about what he was really like, and I think most of you can see that for yourself anyway.
He still seems to inspire so many people, when anyone finds out that I was his sister, I occasionally get the odd message from people saying how much he meant to them and how he has inspired them creatively and its really wonderful to hear such stories like this.
That is the reason why I was inspired to start this website, so anyone can feel able to express their fondness towards him.

He was funny, charismatic and a joy to be around, the sort of person you want to have around all the time.  He had a wonderful optimism about him and really was like this all the time, he was like a bright shining light.
If there was a rare moment that he would ever upset anyone, he would just bounce up and just say “Sorry about that I didn’t mean it”  It was very hard to stay angry at him for long, probably because he was very forgiving of other peoples shortcomings himself and I have never known him to hold a grudge.
I think if he had not had the success he did, he still would have attracted lots of friends, and would have still been that easy come easy go funny, charismatic type of person that he was.
Its sad that he is not still in this world sharing his presence but at least we had the pleasure of knowing him for the time he was here.
So here it is, The Zac Foley Fansite


12 thoughts on “

  1. So sad, me too.
    I think he’s too sensitive to everything… it’s just my opinion, so, sorry if this comment makes someone feel bad or bothering,


  2. Thank you Anne Marie, this is a lovely site which I have only just come across. I had the pleasure of meeting Zac a few times whilst he was he was playing in Carrie having been a crazy EMF fan as a teenager. Like everyone else that has shared memories of him I found him to be kind, funny and very humble, I think of him often x


  3. Still to this day, Zac is one of the most sweet, loving souls I have ever known.
    Still to this day I say things or do things and think…… holy shit… that was Zac.
    He is always in my thoughts.
    Also Anne Marie I have hundreds of pictures. One day I will digitalize them and share.
    Hope you are well,


  4. I just think he was a great bass player, he looked like he was a sound bloke and for some reason he flashes into my mind every now and then (that’s how I found this site!) RIP Zac – Sean, Cork – Ireland


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