Photograph from Rumi Fujita.  This was taken in Sweden 1995Pic from Rumi Sweden 1995


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  1. Thank you Rumi! This pic is from you? 😮 I always thought it’s a press photo.

    What do the guys of Wayne’s World on his chest? 😀

    And Zac remembers me someone on this pic, but it doesn’t come to my mind.

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    1. Japanese media flied to Sweden to have an interview with them. I have some acquaintances of Japanese Record EMI or magazines and they gave me original photos with kind offer. The interviewer told me Zac was a bit afraid of what people would think of his hair style 🙂
      I have another photo of Zac in this interview I’ll send the fansite x

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  2. I believe the interviewer when he said that Zac was a bit afraid of people thoughts about his new hairstyle. He is the only one not looking at the camera + his hand is flirting his hair. Love that pix! Thanks Rumi.

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  3. Yeah… same in Smash HIts (or TOTP or Number One kinda) magazine. He said he’s not good looking especially with Chicken pox (during all interview he refers to his chicken pox). I don’t have same taste as him 😉

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