Carving on gypsum plate by Rumi

Zac on Gypsum plate by Rumi


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    1. Thank you LindyπŸ’– I tried and tried, and failed 6 times and this is the best I thought. Japanese curving on gypsum is very different way of Europeans, we were taught it at high school. It was so hard but interesting so I’ll try more some day x


      1. Well you should definitely keep it up Rumi! You need to be very talented to be able to do what you did. I did reply to something you sent a short while ago but it seems to have dissapeared. I mentioned that my Aunt is also Japanese. Anyway keep using your talents. x

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      2. I’ll try, thanks Lindy! Still I’m not sure I have such way to do, it’s interesting really. And I didn’t know your aunt is Japanese, what a small world!


    1. Thank you Virgi, as you know I don’t have imagination, it’s my ‘art’ as possible as I can. Japanese curving on gypsum might be interested in all of you that’s why I tried to make this πŸ™‚


    1. It’s so happy to get praise from you who have very artistic mind, thank you! As I don’t have any artistic imagination I took it from a photo, he’s sitting with other members in circle. This is very interesting work (as I commented back to Lindy), I’ll try more, fail and fail, though.


      1. I appreciate your work. It must take a lot of time to create it. But I do not know this photo. Do you still have the original?

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    2. As the topic of Japanese CDs before, Japanese version has bonus tracks, i sent photos of them I was curious if Europian / UK have bonus tracks, and Stigma has photo leaflet. I picked up the photo from that.

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