Photo of Zac when he was with Carrie

sent by Rumi Fujita

from Rumi (Carrie pro, sent to me May 2015)


13 thoughts on “Photo of Zac when he was with Carrie

  1. It’s one of the first’s picture I saw of Zac in Carrie’s era. Once again, Cara was the one who put it on emf’s officiel site (I think her site wasn’t official at that time). Thanks AnneMarie.

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  2. Thank you for this beautif pic 🙂 I just had in a very small size. To be honest, actually it is the only picture I know from Carrie. Why there not more ones? 😦

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  3. I think I have more of it… the same place shots, though, I’ll be searching, promise.

    To be honest, I’m not good at collect together them, some pieces to be found and found and found… digging it forever, and I’ve stopped to pick his airticle together since he’s gone, so they must be in my house or my warehouse. Why I’m not good at collections together, there’s some reasons. Let me talk about my personal reasons more, there was a big quake in Hanshin area (where I live) 20 years ago, my house all crashed down and everything’s gone, including my friends. It was just before ChaChaCha released, and my collections of EMF or another collections has gone too, though I could salvage some of them okay, meanwhile I’ve came and gone between London or somewhere overseas and Japan, some of them are safe. And I was born and grown up at the North area of Japan, called Tohoku area, some of my friends live there. one of them who loves EMF living in there had tons of EMF airticles. And all of you probably know, another big quake and Tsunami disaster happened on Tohoku area in 2011, her house washed away as well as Tohoku area people by Tsunami. She’s okay anyway, but we both lost all collections and some friends.

    Terribly sorry I shouldn’t post such bad and disappointment matter, but I want you all to know I’m trying and searching his articles that surely I had mine.

    PS; I’m sorry AnneMarie


  4. Rumi… don’t be sorry. I’m really please with the pictures you’ve send to AnneMarie. I have few (3 or 4 included Rumi’s pic) pictures of Zac with Carrie that I downloaded from Internet, but nothing in paper or exclusive.

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