Picture sent by Anja Tintagol

from Anja May 2015


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  1. Oh thank you Anja for sharing and AnneMarie too, for uploading this x
    This is the first one to me as I haven’t had much about early EMF articles ;( It’s really new one for me. In this picture he looks lovely, like a boy next door, very young and not used to be photographed, I suppose this is very first time of Schubert Dip era, or he didn’t supporse to be taken a photo….
    I love this one, Thx again Anja x


  2. yes, this is definitely from the Schubert Dip era, when the magazines still were full of articles, which suddenly stopped when they decided to deny interviews to several magazines. Always when I see this picture I think his problems already had began. He looks extremly slim.

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    1. Oh, I didnt know about interview story. Everytime they came to Japan they had interviewed and talked about lots of things, funny and serious. Even James had interviewed.
      Well, if the problem (I don’t know what it means) had began already in Schubert Dip era, and if it’s the fact, he had it without notice himself, I suppose. While they were in Japan, in any interview he was talkative with Derry, and looked so happy.
      In this picture he looks slim, but he grown up strongly everytime I saw him on the stage, though, I didn’t see them the first tour in Japan.


  3. I don’t know either about Zac’s “problems” but I don’t think it was the reason he was slim. He had always been slim in my knowledge. Tall and slim. And the bad cropping didn’t help either.

    Interviews is not the funniest part of being a musicians. In Canada, they were hot in Schubert Dip album, but in Stigma’s… nobody cared about them… except in Musique Plus (French Canadian MTV) who played their video’s. Here, they were more considered as an Alternative band than a pop/dance/rock band. And I think (not sure about) that the boys wanted to be consider more as rock band than a teenagers’s band (as New Kids On The Block). Maybe it’s the reason than they deny interviews with magazines (especially teen magazines).

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  4. Yes, Virginie, this was the biggest reason. But I also heard of Ian that he was very angry when he gave interviews telling about recording and so on and the magazins only wrote about silly pool parties and such stuff. At one certain point EMF didn’t want to give interviews anymore – at least to several magazines of yellow press.


    1. I know about Ian’s story. It was really disgusting. He had many interviews via telephone, to talk about new album or their music with some joking, The other had too, and Japnese magazine fly anywhere they gave permission for interview. As I wrote somewhere in this site, they said they love Japanese because Japanese translate in Japanese what they said word to word. So, sometimes their fans got confused what funny they said when they gave a break as a joke for whole interview. For our culture it’s hard to translate or understand specially joke matter.
      I’ve never heard the yellow press. Is it magazine in your country? Whole of my life I’ve well known all rock mags but it…


  5. I understand Ian’s point of view. He wanted press talk about their music and not their Party. It remind me a little bit about the UK/Canada’s girl band All Saints. Shaznay (the black woman) was furious that press paid more attention to Appleton’s Sisters Partys and famous boyfriend than All Saints’s Music (sorry, I little bit off topic here).

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