Some EMF memorabilia

sent by Rumi Fujita

from Rumi memos


8 thoughts on “Some EMF memorabilia

  1. Thank you AnneMarie for posting this.
    After Anja’s great photos, I hesitate to show these, as I said before I went to my warehouse to find the article of EMF but about the black and white cat article I couldn’t find. The result is these. I’ll dig out some day, as I have to rescue my vinyl collection as well.

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  2. Oh, so beautiful stuff, Rumi ❤ Thank you! To be honest I just know the one with the blue background. Could you maybe, please, make single scans? (*blush*)

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    1. Anja, I don’t have scanner 😞 since the last one broken, but anyway I’m thinking about of buy it so wait a little please? Then I can scan anything after all 🙂
      I love the one that next to blue one five of them all together. It was taken in 95 when they came to Japan.
      By the way did you get my PM?


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