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  1. I have a question to the song “I Believe”. At the beginning there are to hear the voices of the boys. Is one of them Zaks Voice? I am never really sure. I suppose the last one, but as said I am not sure.

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    1. You know, i think the quieter voice might well be Zacs, the louder one is i`m pretty sure is Derry. I would be very surprised if it wasn`t Zac, as it certainly doesn’t sound like any other the others,

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      1. the bigining voice who shouted at Derry is James, I thought and shout back is Derry, there’s two of them I thought….


  2. You’re probably right… my english is not really good, especially that british accent (that I found so lovely, but hard to understand for a frog as me 😉

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  3. British accent is actually the only English I understand, but nevertheless I often have problems with understanding. For instance it is really hard for me to listen to English Radio. I even could not when I lived there 🙂 But maybe AnneMarie knows which voice belongs actually to Zac 😉

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  4. When I am here right now: It came into my mind that there must have a been a very special video clip of EMF which I cannot find anymore. I have seen it just one time and forget which song it was *shametome* It is a video where Zac is dressed as a woman (and I do not mean “Perfect Day” 🙂 ). I am pretty sure it was a black and white video. The boys were celebrating in a club and Zac wore a dress with leo print and a blond wig. Because of they were celebrating and dancing it must have been an uptempo song. I have watched the videos to all songs already but could not find it :/ Maybe someone of you knows which clip I mean?

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  5. OMG Thank you so much, Virginie 😀 I really did not think of Afro King. I was always looking for only-EMF clips… BTW I realize that the wig was not blone 🙂

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