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Zak and camping mat

Welcome to the fan section. This area is for you, the fans of Zac Foley, here you can add any art, videos, poems or anything you wish to dedicate to the memory of Zac.
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18 thoughts on “Fan section

  1. A comment sent from my friend in Japan
    Thank you for your comment Rumi, I`ve added it below x

    Hello, I’m one of his big fan from Japan. First of all,i must thank AnneMrie, for making here, such a lovely space.
    It seems I’m a first one here. I love his bass so much, I was a bit strange fan of EMF coz the first met EMF’s song well known ‘Unbelievable’ the bass seized hold of my heart. I’m still listening their songs very often just follow his bass lines… You must think I’m weird. Anyway, there’s tons of famous or charismatic bass players in the world but for me Zac is number one he had something for me, he still have.

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  2. A huge thank you to AnneMarie for creating this lovely site and the effort ❤ Inspired by inspiration 😀

    Thank god, I am not the only “weird one” – as I can read below from the comment underneath 😀
    I was a very big EMF fan when I was a teenager, maybe not very long, but influencing me musically for the rest of my life. I am afraid that I did not appreciate it enough when I was younger. But so I do now. Somewhen I lost them out of my eyes for several years, just learning half one year ago that Zak isn’t among us for such a long time 😦 As sad as it made me – it pushed out an explosion of creativity within me, so it maybe was as a kind of coping with my sad feelings. So meanwhile it (or better he) changed my life in a positive way.
    That’s why he will always have a place in my heart 🙂

    This site shows me once more how much he was in contact with nature. Someone who loves nature so much can only be a good person.

    Hopefully there will be some more people on this site 🙂

    I have the feeling he smiles at us all here 🙂

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    1. Thanks Anja, yes, I really hope he approves 🙂 Its so good to see how much you have been inspired by him, thanks so much for your lovely comments

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  3. So cool to know that I’m not the only weido Zac’s fan. I didn’t know he was that Nature boy. I thought he was more a Urbain partie animal. I’m glad to know that. I’m also a Nature girl who takes lots of walking with my dog in Country side (woods or water).

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    1. oh yes, Virginie,, being brought up in the Forest of Dean,he was surrounded by it.. He always became more still and calm around the countryside

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  4. I’m getting wondering why we don’t talk about his works. Music was part of his life, should I say his life work. Seemingly we’re fond of pictures of him, not his works. Is that mean he’s still our idol? At least, f or me I’m not. Why I got into EMF there was his bass I loved his bass without knowing it was Zac. Nobody knows he was on the top ten a great bassist of the year once on NME.

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  5. Really? As I said, I’m a not a musican, so I can’t really make a difference between a good bassist or a bad one. What I noticed… it when he played guitar (acoustic) in Bleeding You Dry and Shine I liked it a lot. By the way, does anybody know EMF songs that Zac was more implicated (as songwriter of backing vocals). In EMF credits, they always say songs Writen by EMF, or Dench/Atkin.

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  6. I like Bleeding You Dry too! And he used many various type of basses, which I think he’s genius. They’re Here or Glass Smash Jack for example. And the backing vocals on The Day I Was Born is funny. I like the songs he’s written, Friend from Carrie is the best for me

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    1. Oh I mean, there’s many types of basses. (not varioux, various..whatever it means) and he doesn’t just play the bass sometimes he plays the bass with some kind of effecter or things like that. So I love his bass.


  7. Sorry about the VariouS (not VariouX). I’m confusing bass and guitar sometimes. Plus, in EMF songs, there’s a lot of samples and synthetiseur so it’s harder to me to really noticed Zac bass line. I’m a visual person (not an auditive). It must be so fun being in Studio to try different sounds effect.

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  8. No no, I understand, though Stigma to ChaChaCha more easily to find his bass, And when you find it its more interesting to listen their songs and how he’s the best bassist and might know his personality😊

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  9. I remember reading a Zac interview saying (about the fact that some media were supposing that EMF wasn’t really musicians) : Who else could play as bad as I am in EMF songs (or something like that). I think he hadn’t known that he was a good (and a great) bassist.

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  10. Wow I didn’t know he said such like that!😳 if Derry said such thing I’d understand (sorry for that Derry!)
    What I heard was the bass must be obscurely, without falling out of line and make an impact. When I heard it I thought what I shall play like that😵
    I do love watching him play bass, as I saw EMF from Stigma era, he was quite hard to spot but surely he was there.


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