Short interview with Zac

If any of you visiting this site were at Zac`s funeral, you would probably remember this song being played.  It especially seems more meaningful when the singer was such a good friend to him.

I just love the whole album as well, and I thought they were really good years back but I couldn’t listen to it for a long time as I found it too difficult but now I find it gives me comfort.



Song from Carrie

I really like this song by Carrie called `Caring Sharing Song`. Obviously this was back when Zac was their bass player.

I think Carrie only produced the one album `Fear of Sound`  though I could be wrong, anyone feel free to enlighten me if I am. Shame really, I thought these guys were pretty good, had a bit of an edge to them.

I cant seem to find a clip of that beautiful song `Friend` by Carrie , It makes me feel a bit sad though as that song was played at Zac`s funeral but it was a perfect choice.