Who would Zac have voted for?

I just want to give some thoughts on what I think Zac may have voted for in the General election.
A lot of you visiting this site may not be in the U.K and might not know that there is a general election tomorrow, and many people in Britain will be voting to decide who becomes the prime minister for the next 5 years.

To be honest, (though I could be wrong), I don’t think Zac ever voted, which was partly because most of the time he was out of the country touring and probably because he never sorted out arranging a postal vote, or forgot to registrar to vote.
He wasn’t the most organised of souls bless him.

If he ever got to vote though, I can honestly say that I believe he would have voted for the Labour party, which for those of you that dont know, are the more left wing party, which fights more for the working people, those struggling to make ends meet on low wages and more fairness and equality, rather than the rich few being allowed tax breaks and the bankers being allowed to have huge bonuses like the conservative government are allowing now.

I think he probably would have disliked Tony Blair though (previous Labour PM from 1997- 2007) and the fact that he led us to be involved in the Iraq war over ten years ago, but looking at what the current government had done in terms of unfairness to ordinary people, I believe he would have voted to help those in need.

He was heavily into the labour party and the Red Wedge thing when he was 15 and 16 and happened to meet Billy Bragg at the Miners Hall in Cinderford in 1985 or 86, (not sure which year now)

I think Zac may have said in a interview once that he didn’t care about politics, but I don’t think that was quite true, I think its possible he may have got disheartened by it at that time perhaps, but most of the time I remember him hating to see any unfairness or injustice in society, as most of us do.

I didn’t mean to post this to give a political statement, I`m just trying to show what sort of person Zac was and what he might have thought of the current government today.
He was such a generous person himself, generous to a fault really and that was reflected in his political views all those years ago when he was very young.

Anyway, those of us in Britain will have to wait to see what Friday brings to see which political party will be running the country.
Meanwhile, I`ll be voting Labour with Zac in mind. x x


Just want to say thank you to all of you that have visited and commented so far.

It`s silly really, but it make`s me feel he is still around when some of you want to know things about him.. his taste in music, things he liked to do, etc…

I only reason I know that he lives on is because of the lovely people that have visited here remember him.

Also, another reason I know he lives on is that I knew he died before anyone told me, that same thought tell`s me his life force is still living on, in whatever form that takes..

Thanks for all your visits and comments,

Much love… AnneMarie  x x

Thanks To Zac`s fans

I just want to say thanks to all of you for your kind words for Zac.

I will try my best to do his memory justice and will endeavor to live up to that task.

I set up this website with his fans in mind, so please feel free to post any artwork or poems or whatever else you feel like sending.

I didn’t expect the site to take of this well, so its quite heartwarming to see how well he was loved ,

I`ll will try to post a bit more often, I`m still a bit worn out from traveling away ( dam delayed trains)  so got back quite late and only just waking up,,  zzzzzzzzz  ,… or trying to   ..


Thanks again all  🙂     x

love AnneMarie    x

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Kind Wishes