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  1. Thank you for sharing this AnneMarie and thank you for sending this articles Dawn Lee!
    How nostalgia, I didn’t know them in real time in those days, I read this after Stigma was released. I remember I was surprised to see Smash Hits cos they were icon and idol. For me beginning was Stigma (I got and listened to Schubert Dip though), I always read about them on NME or Melody Maker. I still don’t know which way they wanted to go, all I can say is reading their Smash Hits is enjoyable, they were young and lovely boys, seemed playing with media. Since Stigma they preserved their gravity and so that they disappeared from Smash Hits or Just Seventeen, and appeared NME or Melody Maker more often. This is just my opinion so I’m not sure, but I didn’t bought any Smash Hits cos there’s few EMF and bought NME cos there’s much of them.
    And now I want to see these article for ever and a day, how they were meant to me, specially Zac, he had sense of humour consistently make good expression, he talked things with joke in any way, any case.

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  2. Finally I found time to start reading the articles 😀 English is not my mother tongue and I usually need a certain time to read everything, especially I want to know all exactly, I cannot overread words I do not know 🙂 What I asked myself again when I read this article: Was school really so strictly that you were not allowed to have long hair as a boy?

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    1. Welcome back Anja
      That’s the point I’ve been wondering, he got expelled from for his long hair, if not to have long hair was a school rule, is it a reason for expulsion from school? How tight!


  3. Im afraid its true, he was expelled for having long hair, It was`nt even a posh school or anything but I think schools were a bit more conventional back then than they are now. I think my Mum would have challenged the decision if he wanted to stay but he was offered a job anyway so I think he thought “to hell with it” 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the answers 😀 I almost thought it to myself, because there were certain rumours of strict conventions in schools in Britain, but I was not sure if it was really true. Was Zac actually a good pupil?


  5. I cant remember if Zac was a good pupil or not now, he was always naturally intelligent and I don’t think he was that naughty, no more than most anyway, ( although there was an incident when he pulled a teachers beard 🙂 )
    I`m not all that sure if schools have changed since then or not now as just this morning I sent my son to his new school having to wear a shirt and tie. I think most secondary schools in Britain do these days. It feels odd for an 11 year old having a wear a tie.

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    1. In my eyes he’s gently bred, whole watching and reading interviews, even they were called naughty, he always looked and listened to the other person and paid attention. At the interview I seldom heard him say “Pardon?” even though at the interview they shove each other playfully (like Derry and him, posted here few weeks ago) it means he listened to what interviewer said. I noticed it at the interview in Japan, and I liked his gentle kind.
      Most of people had memories of capriccio and I had too, I always threw chalks at teachers during the class or nearly got rid out of school cause of having pierced. It wasn’t funny at the moment but it is funny now.
      It’s odd for kids wearing tie, though, it’s easy cos you don’t need to choose what to wear today, or not to worry if clothes get dirty. While I was in the UK the uniform was for private school students, and I’ve once heard that British gov adopted the advantages of Japanese style, I’m not sure I just read it somewhere, we have school uniform from primary school, or kindergarten. But in these days at least not uniform for primary school, so I was fed up everyday picking up my son’s dirty clothes and had to clean up everyday. Of course kids with a tie is too much, but it’s good in some ways, without tie, I think.

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