Quite in depth article about the time Zac was playing in EMF

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  1. Thank you for posting these ariticle AnneMarie 🙂
    Reading them I feel of fond of memories and subtle psychology.
    Some of their opinion (saying) was just right same what they said in Japanese media, and I thought how funny they were at the moment. (And how hard to stand still for James)
    Now I read them I feel a bit sorry, aw hard to explain but now, at my age, reading them it was too hard to take on such days for young boys. Good and bad situations, life changed so fast, and it is called success I’m not sure.
    To put it bluntly it reminds me of my first marriage, my ex-husband is musician and got succeed, and everything’s changed after success. Yesterday no one know you but today everyone knows you. I remember I felt so scared.
    Touring, recording, promoting, having interviews, photo sessions, bla bla bla… rumour spread, media write about our personal life, intrusive on our privacy. You want to be famous, and become famous then you have to sacrifice your personal life, they seep into personal life.
    One thing I can say, those boys in those days stood up and said what they thought, some kind of “so-what attitude”. I might say it’s cos they were young, though I’m not sure.
    There always an arrogance that comes from success in showbiz, but EMF, no.

    I’m sorry if I mis-read the articles, but it’s chance to think what EMF was for me this time. Thank you again AnneMarie, for sharing these articles.

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  2. Thank you for posting this article, AnneMarie! Today I finally found the time to read through 😀 I must admit it is one of a very few informative article I ever read about EMF. And thank you to Rumi for sharing your own experiences with us. I think one hard fact of becoming famous is also that a band like EMF in the beginning was something like underground, something like insider’s tip. And usually it is very hard for such bands becoming famous because the thing what they actually stand for at the beginning, slips away from one day to the other. Do you know what I mean? If I am wrong, please correct me.

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    1. Yes, I think your right Anja, also I dont think they expected to get famous so quickly or even as big as they were. I think perhaps a lot of bands are unprepared by what success brings I imagine. You go from one day no one knowing you and not much money to the next day being able to buy everything you want and being popular at the same time. I guess it makes you feel “hang on, who I am now? am I still the same or have I changed with all the success”. It must be a weird feeling

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      1. Yes I think you’re right, too, Anja.
        And most of pre-musicians want to be famous but not expect money, and as AnneMarie said, being famous means cash flowing in. And as the time passes so quickly, some of them changes themselves cos of money, such like having paloozas or drugs, sad to say. And the success things never ends, you can’t just go play your music, record company never let you do what you like. After accumulation of experience you can do what you like to play. There’s so many musicians or bands faded away, some of them were split up, and most of them just bite off more than one could chew and fail.
        Once I heard Derry say in interview, they wouldn’t want to keep the band til jump the shark, they would stop when they lost interested in music, or people lost interested in them. Being exposed to risk of fame would give you the edge if you’d like to play what you like, he said. I’m sorry if I tell you exactly what he said, though, I thought EMF was so lucky when I heard it. Sorry to say but after ‘Unbelievable’ their songs not sold well, though, after Unbelievable they made two albums which both different types of music. Schubert Dip era, Stigma era and ChaChaCha era are very different.

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  3. Did they ever want to be famous at all? Or did they just make music? I know both things are connected in a certain way. It is not very satisfying to make music when there is no one who listens to it. So it is necessary that you need a quite state of fame as a musician. But I always had the impression they rather would have made music as local heroes than in the whole wide world.

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    1. I think they just enjoyed to make / play music before they became famous. They didn’t have big ambition…this is just in my opinion so I’m not sure. I still have the same impression with you Anja, they just loved to play music at locals. Before debut they played gigs at locals, making demo tapes, they just wished to pull it off. It’s just my guess, though.
      They were not crafted image, character I mean, like Take That or New Kids On The Block. Anyway they’re just friends each other from childhood and just loved to play music at the first time.

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