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  1. How fantastic and funny they are!! Thank you for the video, AnneMarie.
    In those years they’re two of a kind.
    I wonder if they say the same things at my age – surely they do!

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  2. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never saw that video til now. How funny to see Zac and Derry together with that good chimistry between them. I wish I could understand everything they’ve said… but I can’t 😦


  3. Hi AnneMarie,
    thanks for posting this video! It doesn’t look like it was shot in the early 90’s. It could have been filmed yesterday. They’re so cute. I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly.

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    1. Time flies and time has stopped. Watching this, everything’s like yesterday, really.
      They’re young and lovely, as we were. Watching every single video I realize how much I love them and, here in fansite how he’s loved one to us and we love him.

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  4. Oh such a nice video 😀 Thank AnneMarie for posting it!! It makes my hard time at the moment a bit brighter. Can’t believe that it is already 25 years ago. On the other hand: What are 25 years? Actually nothing. Concerning the song – to be honest: I always liked “I Believe” much more than “Unbelievable” 😀

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