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  1. Thank you thank you AnneMarie!!
    This is my best, and favourite vid of him. I love the way he’s devoted to playing bass, he’s just great with the Chapman Stick. When I listened this song the first time, his bass is a bit different from the others, maybe Chapman but couldn’t imagine he surely used the Chapman. Then this song released as single, and PV, I found he played Chapman! I was very proud of him somehow as I love and respect him as a bassist. Without his bass there’s no music even though Derry could play bass too. (sorry for that Derry)
    Of course I know and love his acoustic guitar, but this one tells us he is a great bass player.

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    1. Yes, I agree Rumi, the bass does sound very good in this. You have a very good ear for bass, its not until you mention it do I notice, I mean, I know its there but I think I tend to pick out drums more I think, unless the bass is very noticeable, for example Bjorks “Hunter”, I tend to focus on other instruments, but as you have said before, the bass is the bones of the music that hold it together

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  2. It’s his bass that’s why I notice 🙂 Well I think he plays bass in background mostly in EMF. But sometimes very interesting sound he played, for example “Glass Smash Jack” or “Bleeding You Dry”. Rhythm box can take the place of drums or bass, and his bass sometimes seem to be rhythm box. “Bleeding You Dry” is example. And it’s good example Bjork’s “Hunter” (which I like), it sounds rhythm box in the begining, and in the middle the bass is normal, then turn back to sound like rhythm box. (Hope you understand what I mean) Anyway he’s absolutely great. As “I’m a Believer”, compare the original to another virsion (Unbelievable Mix) you can find how his bass is complexity and background. (the original Derry on bass as its PV I heard and I could catch it)
    I love “Dog” also, I hear the sound of his breathing through his bass.

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  3. I wish I had the same knowledge of music like you both. But the fact is that I can hear much better basses in the last months . Those I actually never noticed me before . I have to listen to the songs which you named more closely when I am back at home . There I have a better sound system . What is actually PV?

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    1. It’s so nice you forcus and follow the bass line.
      You said what is actually PV, I’m sorry I can’t catch what you mean to say…. PV is on the top, this post.
      Oh I flash, you mean “I’m a believer”? PV means Promotional Video. Well if you have “I’m a believer” , there’s two tracks of “I’m a believer”, one is original and other is EMF version called “Unbelievable Mix”.


  4. Well, I’ve been listening EMF’s demo songs, which I listened over and over before, I really realise his bass was already high-quality finished form.


    1. On aw sorry Virginie, When I updated it, it said the video cannot allow to watch in the US and Canada.
      You can see the official site, the black and white one. Or just listen to the song you’ll find the Chapman Stick he plays.

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