Photo sent by Anja Tintagol,  Zac at “The old school House” Mitcheldean, in the Forest

From Anja Zacs school house 15 july 2015


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  1. Oh it’s nice that I could do you a favour 🙂 And thank you AnneMarie for loading up 🙂 But I guess there was also something written to this photo – but I am not sure. Does someone know from which era this picture is? And the painting on the left – is this painted by your dad, AnneMarie? Is this the flat in Hampstead Heath?

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    1. Hi Anja,Yes, thats my dads painting there, This was Zac`s house in the Forest of Dean, ” The Old School house” in Mitcheldean, I would say as a guess, this was around 1998 but not quite sure, I know around 2000 he had sold the place by then

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      1. Oh I remembered, this article had more and said how he loves the nature. This is from NME isn’t it, Anja? He made strange astray with pet bottles looking like robot.
        Well the room seems clean and neat, much better than my room 😣


  2. AnneMarie: I already supposed it was situated in the Forest of Dean, but I had no clue that he also had a house there. It’s a pity that he sold it.
    Rumi: I have no idea where the article was from. I also just found it in www.

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  3. Nice decorations. Why he had sold this place? It’s seems so peaceful. 😉 So it’s a Rex painting. It’s sweet that he put his dad painting on his wall. Any picture of him with his Black and White cat Rumi?

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