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    1. Hi Linda, I’m so glad to know you praise me what I’ve done. Yes I wrote this song, and others too. I love writing songs and I used to have amateur band and gathered the band again, as I’ve replied to Anja on another post. If you rent the studio you can make anything as professional!
      Also thank you for careing, I’m always okay with friendships and music, music is very much like air for me. x


  1. Rumi you’re very welcome!!! You grab life and you use your creativity so well. It’s inspirational! I love your little profile picture. It’s so cute!! It’s probably very late in Japan so i hope you have a good nights sleep. x

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    1. It’s Blythe Doll wearing Japanese traditional clothe Kimono. I used to enjoy Blythe Doll, making their clothes or making up, posing them took the photo. My son feared of them so I retired, it’s too expensive to keep after all so that’s okay 🙂 Oh, I wonder if I could make Blythe of Zac… maybe I’ll try someday!
      Thank you again Linda, for gave me another inspiration of him x


  2. Ok if you do a Zac’s Blythe Doll, I want a copy 😉

    Another great song. Once again, I like the singer voice. It remind me of someone from new wave band, but I can’t figure out who. I wish having that talent (of doing music).

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    1. I suppose I have man’s Blythe doll(you can see my FB page, Blythe photo album) I’ll try to change Zac if the doll’s condition still okay 🙂

      the singer, my bandmate, named Ryuji will be glad to know, Virgi. unfortunatelly he isn’t on FB…
      I think his voice is a bit like Liam Gallagher, the way of singing is different but voice quality is similar.


  3. Carry on, carry on your way to the sun leave the shadows behind
    Let your hair tumble down keep the moment we found with its colours of dawn
    Out here in the cold I just want in, out here in the cold on my own
    ‘Cos it’s a new day in our love the winter is so cold your hands keep me warm
    It’s a new day in our life the clouds have just cleared your smiles touched my heart
    Touched my heart

    Out here in the cold I just want in, out here in the cold on my own
    Please raise the flag

    Let the wind take us far to the top of the hill where the rains ease our pain
    Let this song reach your heart like the waves on the shore wash your sorrow away
    Out here in the cold I just want in out here in the cold on my own

    We made the mistake and we’re falling
    And ‘cos it was cold when you were young and you reach for the sun anyway on a new day
    Please raise the flag

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