Christmas Day


Oh Lord the snow is falling and the whole world kneels to pray

For tomorrow bring the dawning of another Christmas Day

Oh Load, will you help me for he’s gone, bring him back coz I’m so lonesome

And tomorrow is Christmas Day

I don’t need mistletoe – where did he go?
Where, where can he be?

Oh Lord, won’t you hear my prayer?

You know I really care, please, please bring him back

And the whole world kneels to pray

For tomorrow brings the dawning of another Christmas Day

It’s another Christmas Day


by Rumi Fujita December 2002


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    1. Thank you AnneMarie, this sounds like a love song, yes I love him I’m big fan of him after all 🙂
      2002 was tough year for you I guess, and so do us. For me it’s been so fast, tried not to think he’s gone, and when Christmas season came around, his birthday on 9th you know, I suddenly had to bring back to the fact. I’m not Christian though, can’t deny to pray things like this every Christmas season comes since then.

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  1. To all his fans… well here to Anja, Virginie and Linda
    As AnneMarie said and saw my page on FB, I made songs and recorded them. I’ll send each if you need, poem(lyrics) about tree including I’ve done eight songs so far. Contact me on FB messenger.

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  2. Hi Rumi, what an emotive poem. It’s a poem that anyone who has lost someone they love or knows of someone who has passed can completely relate to. The questions you ask are the questions i ask. Where do people go?? I wish i knew too but as long as it’s a comforting answer. x

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    1. Long time no see Linda ❤
      I'm so happy you like this. There's no answer I know, and when I sang this I wanted to cry, remembering good things I shared with ones passed away and wondering why. It's neverending…


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