Poem by Anja Tintagol

A Southern shore count for lost
Your look of ease just mine has crossed
A big warm wave is rolling in
Passing me
This certain scent of freckled skin
Like a painting hanging in the perfect light
Your eyes are twinkling in the sun
Sensual and wild


Remembering you from depth of time
Out of blue light with waft of salt and thyme
In the shine of a late noonβ€˜s blaze
A waving strand of hair
Gently tracing your face
Like a painting hanging in the perfect light
Aflamed with distant noises
Sensual and wild


Just an idea of a sandy shade
Over your cheekbones
Is flitting to fade
Silence told from your freckled lips
So sad
We never met in Biarritz
Like a painting hanging in the perfect light
Big brown eyes have drowned me
So sensual and wild
(by Anja Tintagol)







7 thoughts on “Poem by Anja Tintagol

  1. Thank you, AnneMarie, for loading up πŸ™‚ I think I must explain a little bit. The poem is an inspiration of Zac’s pic and memories of a holiday which I spent on French Atlantic coast. The interaction of sunlight, a lost shore and the face of someone dear. I saw lots of galeries there with beautiful shining paintings and I asked myself if they also would look so nice if they would hang in my flat πŸ˜‰ BTW this was the second poem I wrote at all.

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  2. Wow, this is brilliant ❀️ Why you needed to encourage I don’t know!! I can imagine he’s at Biarritz….

    Poem shows us each other how we miss him or adore him, and how we think of him In different ways sometimes. It’s very interesting indeed.

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  3. thank you ❀ Those three words are actually a bit inspired by a song which I love very much, which is called "Beautiful and Wild". But I did not want to use exactly the same words and I found that "sensual and wild" fits much better anyway πŸ˜€

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