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Zac pic form Anja




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  1. Thank you for uploaing, AnneMarie 🙂 It is a piece from the teenage magazin No. 1 in Germany (Schubert Dip era). And it is a prove of absence of investigative journalism. Okay, maybe I do not really expect it from a teenage magazin, but at least they could have written his surname in the right way. And what’s about his sister Carol? Or mother Lisa? I have never heard about them 🙂 But I must admit that I do not know if the rest is right or wrong. I will translate it in own words: “Carol” is studying arts. Patchy education. He has been dropped out of school because of long hair. Apprenticeship as a decorator. Worked as a technical draftsman. Unpredictable character. At a school party he threw a pie into the face of a teacher. He slashed car tires just for fun. – Can someone enlighten me about the veracity? 🙂

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    1. Well I dont know why it said he had a sister Carol or his Mum is called Lisa as the only sister he has is me 🙂 and our mother is called Anne. Its true he worked as a decorator though and it was true he was expelled from school for having long hair, but he already had a job lined up as a decorator anyway luckily, I dont think he slashed car tires though, and im pretty sure he didnt throw a pie at a teacher 🙂 Sounds quite funny though, I have this image in my head of him doing that now, a classic comedy stunt ..

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  2. Thank you for sharing this Anja and updating for AnneMarie x

    In my memories, there were many idols magazines for teenagers like Bravo, SmashHits, JusSeventeen, and No.1 and so on, and there I saw the same things about Zac. I guess it was their introducing as EMF that record company distributed to the media, as about other member were the same.
    We have some magazines too, and one of them got contact with them by telephone and had interviewed with them, Zac said about family. And he has one elder brother called Jerome, the interviewer asked him what does he do, he answered with laughing “I think he’s doing nothing”, and he said he has also had elder sister who’s an artist. He didn’t say elder sister’s name but surely it was AnneMarie I guess. And maybe she has quite long name as he had, I don’t know☺️

    I didn’t know about Sschubert Dip era as I wrote somewhere in Fansite before, I collected their article and my friends gave some, and friends who was mad about them, as I was absent while Schubert Dip era, I didn’t read any article in the real time.

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  3. I also have that clipping, but can’t read Geman language. Unpredictable caracter is also my thoughs about him. Unfortunately I can’t say if it’s true or not (except the name of Zac’s family members is really wrong).

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