DVD pictures, sent by Rumi Fujita





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  1. “The Japanese CDs has bonus tracks in each EMF albums. I’m not sure Europe has bonus tracks, but seemingly in the US’s Shubert Dip vinyl didn’t have the bonus track.
    Here’s ablums, Schubert Dip has “strenge-brew”, Stigma has “seach and destroy”, and ChaChaCha has “Angel”.
    This ChaChaCha is my treasure, it’s not for sale version” (of course I
    bought another same one by myself!) by Rumi Fujita

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  2. Thank you very much for post and explain, AnneMariešŸ˜Š Do I make hurry? No, I hope.

    Well, the best of EMF has sub title, “tribute to Zac Foley”. (sorry it’s not in these pix)
    Japan loves EMF and I believe EMF loves Japan….

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  3. After that I got vinyls Stigma and ChaChaCha from overseas, and found there’s no bonus tracks…
    But maybe they’re on 12 inch vinyls or singles.


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