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  1. I haven’t seen this before.
    An orange juice… the way his talking and while talking he puts around his lips … it hurts.
    Thank you AnneMarie for sharing this.

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      1. Thank you dear, I can’t stop my crying….you gave me an answer, surely this is him, that’s enough for me, thou I’m looking forward to another vid….Besides, take your time to keep this site working as I always say. xx

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  2. Zac’s stories will run out of topics sad to say,. So that you take your time and post one by one I guess. But remember I have many pix for this site you know, and now I’m trying to make another artistic one. Do not worry about it dear. Next or other time you may post for us to know what different about the album between Japanese and Europeans, as I’ve sent the photo.
    I’m just glad and happy to see him with orange juice and so on, many, many thank you, you’re the best and you make my day x

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  3. Oh what’s going on here when I am absent? 🙂 Deleted postings with videos or not? Anyway – I didn’t know the clip of the Getting Through premiere and I am happy to find it here. I always was searching through all YT but was just finding the interview on the top of this side and that one after performing Perfect Day at MTV. So I am very happy when your are posting more of them here 🙂 In the interview (of Getting Through) Zac seems to be quite calm.

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      1. I’m not sure what band speaker you meant, spokesman or something…
        I meant to say he’s calm is, he always talks authoritatively and always makes a joke authoritatively.


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