EMF in Japan



4 thoughts on “EMF in Japan

  1. Where has Zac been??? We’ll never know. It’s weird when I think of James being so shy to do interviews. Usually the singer is the most talkative and the most extraverty. Thanks Rumi. Which era… Stigma or Cha Cha Cha?

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    1. I think it’s in 95 ChaChaCha era.
      Where Zac was, I don’t know why. Maybe the table is just for 4 seats and he might said where’s my seat! …who knows, only just kidding.

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  2. Maybe James was/is not really shy. Maybe he only had no lust to answer silly questions 😀 But it’s usually interesting to read which thoughts people have when someone is missing (me included). Maybe Zac at this day was the one who had no lust to answer silly questions or he was just going for a coffee 😉

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