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  1. Thank you again Anjađź’–
    This is the new one for me, and in the bushes they’re fantastic, and with very good quolity really.
    I wonder when this was taken, cos of Derry’s tattoo. At first I thought Zac’s on the right cos of its tattoo, but he’s on the centre, I recognise his watch. Schubert Dip era maybe…


  2. Thanks a lot Anja!! I’ve never seen it before. I think it’s in between Schubert Dip and Stigma. Zac and Derry seems to have a really good chemistry together.

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  3. It is definitely taken in the Stigma era because it was from a magazine with an interview about making the new album Stigma. I don’t know where it has been taken. There is to read that they make the recordings in Monmouth. But who knows if the photo was really taken while the interview.

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    1. Yes, thats true, Derry was quite devastated, I remember at the funeral that Derry put on quite a brave front and was quite chatty. I think he was thinking of us really, but I could feel from him he was quite upset.
      They had been friends since they were about 5, and he only lived round the corner so they pretty much grew up together I havent seen Derry for years, but I know without a doubt he still misses Zac lots.

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      1. I just remember that Derry posted his room in My Space, there’s a picture of him together Zac on the wall. The picture was the one that I sent you, black and white one you posted here.

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