Who would Zac have voted for?

I just want to give some thoughts on what I think Zac may have voted for in the General election.
A lot of you visiting this site may not be in the U.K and might not know that there is a general election tomorrow, and many people in Britain will be voting to decide who becomes the prime minister for the next 5 years.

To be honest, (though I could be wrong), I don’t think Zac ever voted, which was partly because most of the time he was out of the country touring and probably because he never sorted out arranging a postal vote, or forgot to registrar to vote.
He wasn’t the most organised of souls bless him.

If he ever got to vote though, I can honestly say that I believe he would have voted for the Labour party, which for those of you that dont know, are the more left wing party, which fights more for the working people, those struggling to make ends meet on low wages and more fairness and equality, rather than the rich few being allowed tax breaks and the bankers being allowed to have huge bonuses like the conservative government are allowing now.

I think he probably would have disliked Tony Blair though (previous Labour PM from 1997- 2007) and the fact that he led us to be involved in the Iraq war over ten years ago, but looking at what the current government had done in terms of unfairness to ordinary people, I believe he would have voted to help those in need.

He was heavily into the labour party and the Red Wedge thing when he was 15 and 16 and happened to meet Billy Bragg at the Miners Hall in Cinderford in 1985 or 86, (not sure which year now)

I think Zac may have said in a interview once that he didn’t care about politics, but I don’t think that was quite true, I think its possible he may have got disheartened by it at that time perhaps, but most of the time I remember him hating to see any unfairness or injustice in society, as most of us do.

I didn’t mean to post this to give a political statement, I`m just trying to show what sort of person Zac was and what he might have thought of the current government today.
He was such a generous person himself, generous to a fault really and that was reflected in his political views all those years ago when he was very young.

Anyway, those of us in Britain will have to wait to see what Friday brings to see which political party will be running the country.
Meanwhile, I`ll be voting Labour with Zac in mind. x x


20 thoughts on “Who would Zac have voted for?

  1. Anne Marie you’re such a good girl. I really appreciate your post. That’s the only way I have to know about Zac real personality (not just the mad funkers from EMF).

    I also hate injustices. I like equalities. The problems with politics party it’s when they are prime ministers, they get corrupted. It’s the same here. Lots of cuts in Health services but lots of raises bonus for those in power. I have the chance to be able to work, but it’s not the case to everybody. At least, we can vote (it’s not all countries that have that opportunity).

    What is the Red Wedge Thing? It’s probably hard to vote when you’re always out of town. So Zac wasn’t really organized. I’m not really surprise to learn that.

    Let us know Anne Marie who will win! I also vote Labour Party.

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    1. The Red Wedge were a group of different musicians touring the U.K trying to encourage young people to get involved in politics and mostly the Labour party really. I think it may have been started by Billy Bragg, I found a link on youtube, not very good quality though, Im afraid,

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  2. Labour. Definitely Labour.
    I’m not English, I’m Japanese, though, I was into Red Wedge heavily as well, and I think it was the same time Zac was into them. It was not only cos there were Paul Weller and Billy Bragg there. At that moment I lived in the UK and all of my friends around me were from working class, and I had company with them.
    So, Zac votes Labour Party I’m sure.

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  3. Watching the video brought me back in those days. UK music had its lyrics full of political message, and young people were so empathically. Now I understand why TSC posters on the wall (with Jerome’s pic).
    The miners came out on strike everywhere, As the Forest of Dean has full of nature but there’s lot of iron / coal factories too, he might thought something, maybe.
    And everyone I met hated PM Thatcher and I didn’t know why she’s been stay long.
    In the middle of 80s there was Band Aid too, and I went Wembley Arena for Live Aid, Zac must have seen it. Those days music had its power, could move people’s heart, could think twice.

    sorry I posted too much ;(

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  4. Gosh I would I like to live that Band Aid area… I was so young at that time (7 years old). Do They Know It’s Xmas is MY favorite christmas song of all time. That’s what I like about New Wave Uk band. They put some High quality and strong text with brilliant happy music. The contrast between the two is soooo fantastic. I like contrasts (exemple : black men doing rock music as Living Color or Jimmi Hendrix).

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    1. Yeah, it was good time really. But Band Aid stands for save Ethiopian children, so that all of us got together with those famous musicians. Sharing it with them was very good idea, it meant we can help the people or do something. Nowadays such movement seems to fade away, we believed music can move, action the people. The last one I remember the Help CD for ex Yugoslavia, it was in the middle of 90s I think, after the Help CD released suddenly PM Major and President Clinton moved action.
      I think Zac may had his cause (I mean, belief) even it’s not political. After Carries album, I think he must have had something inside.

      PS: I prefer blue eyed soul somehow.

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      1. Virginie
        prefer means like, and blue yeyd soul is just like the categories of music. You told you like black men doing rock. Blue eyed soul is, how I can explain,. I hate to part the colours.. well directory to say, white men who have soulful voice. That’s blue eyed soul. I don’t like heavy voice, just a little bit more I like. Well for example Paul Young or Peter Cox. Or Hall and Oates from the US.

        Well. the answer is, “I like blue eyed soul I don’t know why” ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I`ll be waiting in anticipation to see who wins the next election, I don`t suppose I`ll know until tomorrow, as I dont have a TV license to watch it live, I`ll let you know as soon as I find out. x

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  6. I think it’s important to have an interest in politics, even if lots of politicians are corrupted. I don’t know if The Uk politicians are like that too. Does the Queen still have a word to say about society’s decisions?

    So Zac hasn’t done his citizen resposibility. Here, in Quebec, there’s a proverb that say if you don’t vote… you can’t complain. Funny, isn’t it?

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  7. Well, disappointing result, the Conservative government looks like they have the overall majority so another 5 years of cuts with most people earning the least money suffering, Sad day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Hi Virginie, no the Queen doesn’t have any say sadly, although I`ve no idea how she would feel about how things are,

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  8. Oh dear, this does not look good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I do not really understand the upcoming result. Why so many people are voting for them? But I think the same problem here is in Germany, too. What about Zac and the question whom he would have voted for. The thing is: Are there not any other parties in UK? I never voted for one of the both “big ones”, mostly for The Green Ones. Maybe Zac would have voted for any of the parties which not really have a chance to reign. But I don’t know how it is actually in UK.

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    1. Hi Anja, it sounds like it could be similar to Germany, we have 2 main parties, and there are others such as Lib Dem, Green party, luckily Caroline Lucas, the Green party leader won a seat again in Brighton, so at least there is a sensible voice in Parliament, Brighton has always seemed to be quite an enlightened place.

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  9. oh no, again??? I don’t check the news today yet, though, I’ve been thinking since I posted last time, the Red Wedge’s power showed the result, cos RW targeted to teenager who couldnt have vote, even WR didn’t mean or want it. And those teenagers got old, Labour Party got the government.
    the Britain voting system is the same to Japan, and there’re many parties and two of them are big. It’ll be a long story and not the matter to talk here, Anyway when the Japanese election starts, they use anything (under the low of course) to win in any ways. Specially media, Japanese media is stupid than ever and try to control who you should vote. As Japan there’s a few people to think about the politics, people easily vote what they say. British people specially have their family must teach the ‘life’, without anger or politics.

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    1. Hi Rumi, yes Zac wasn`t old enough to vote when Red Wedge were around sadly, also Japan sounds very similar to u.k, the media seem to manipulate a lot people who unfortunately don’t seem too bright.

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  10. And manipulate to who don’t care about political thing, too. Media’s forbidden for ages.
    I mistook my typing above, I mean, I think British people specially have their KIDS must teach the ‘life’ and ‘equal’ without anger or politics. Or we’ll ask Billy and Paul to re-union the Red Wedge, anyone does okay, just wishful thinking.

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  11. It’s also the same here in Canada. Your know we are UK decendent after all. And here too it’s conservator on power. That discussion is so cool. Thanks Anne Marie (and Zac) to introduce it.

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