Picture sent by Rumi Fujita

zac and derry with clown (Rumi)


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  1. Oh thank you too, AnneMarrie, your work so quickly!
    This is one of photo from Cha Cha Cha, and taken at Biarritz – where very comfortable place.
    As I don’t have scanner the quality isn’t good, sorry.

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  2. Oh yeah, the one with the breads I like so much, too. It is telling so much. But I am usually a bit confused because in the video clip of “Perect Day” he has short blond hair. Wasn’t it also taken in Biarritz?

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    1. Hi Anja 🙂
      I think both of them took at Biarritz. I’m not sure but I heard that they stayed long time at there, both recording and living.


    2. What do you mean by “it is telling so much”. Sorry my english is so so. My sister give me a doily with this picture on it. I’ve never ate on it. The picture was blury cause it was scaled 3 times from the cds picture.


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