If any of you visiting this site were at Zac`s funeral, you would probably remember this song being played.  It especially seems more meaningful when the singer was such a good friend to him.

I just love the whole album as well, and I thought they were really good years back but I couldn’t listen to it for a long time as I found it too difficult but now I find it gives me comfort.




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  1. I understand so much why it was long before your listen to it again. Thanks Anne Marie. I feel like I was a little bit there (at the Zac’s funeral) by listenning that song.

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  2. Listening Carrie brought you back in those days specially this song.
    Thank you AnneMarie for share this. I still can’t accept his death, though, must admit as you do.
    Very good song bad sad.

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      1. No AnneMarie, it’s not your fault! I do hope my thoughts for him always sharing with you…he’s stiing right next to me, and you.

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  3. Rumi, I also find it hard to accept his death. Especially since social network exist (I mean that it is the only way I could have chat with him). The only positive thing about his death is the fact that I know you both.

    He is probably knows where he is right now, but he’ve been missing so many good things… First (and the most important) doing activities with nephews (Dyfied and Charlie) and family. Doing more music with Carrie and EMF (or maybe another band). Visiting (I’m mean, only visiting, not working) more countries… espacially Canada (ha ha ha). Maybe having children on his own. So many things he’s been missing physically.

    Anne Marie… just say to your parents that I think of them. There is no cure to fight the pain causing by the lost of a child.

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    1. Thank you, Virginie, yes I will tell them, losing a child must be the worse pain 😦 I think its makes them happy when they see how well loved he was

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  4. Thank you AnneMarie for posting it here. I think you were glad to find the song again. I read all the comments here and I am just sitting here and crying. Can`t listen to the song at the moment – but I will catch up on it later…

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  5. Hi AnneMarie,
    thank you so much for posting the song, Friend by Carrie. I never heard it until now and i understand why you found it very difficult to listen to. I thought about how you must feel when you listen to it. To be honest it made me feel sad too but do you know what?, there is a positive side and that is that, Zac is ok. I bet he’s not sad because he knows that he will see you again.I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. I really do believe that. I’m scepticle about alot of things but i do believe in an afterlife. It is a very moving song though by a brilliant band.

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