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  1. Thank you so much AnneMarie, but unfortunately I have to tell you that I also cannot watch this video 😦 The comment is “It is not available” 😦 But you are right – this is one of my fave songs of Cha Cha Cha 🙂 Did you create the video?


    1. What a shame, I had a feeling you might not be able to see it 😦 I couldn`t seem to find another when I did a search. No, I didnt do the video, I think it might via the official EMF youtube channel


  2. Me too, and it says “you can’t watch / use this” in Japanese language.
    I’ll go to the official and try to play it on YouTube application…


  3. Oh No, Im so sorry everyone, I`ll try and find one that works worldwide, I bet this one only works in the UK. I try and put one together myself, it might work better if its only a fan vid, sorry again x


    1. No,no! it’s only Japanese problem, it happens everywhere in YouTube lately, and the announce says wait about 30min, or reload, or degrade the image quality, or your browser should be update, or clear the cash, or….bra bra bra.
      I think it’s theim that has problems, such like their server’s capacity getting closer.


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