a very young Zac

I hope Zac isnt cross with me for this, He was about 12 when this was taken




13 thoughts on “a very young Zac

  1. So cute!!!! Love it. Zac with his cat. If Zac is mad at you right now… I will gronding him because he was a really pretty teenage boy ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Yeah the paperwall is so late 70s. I used to have that kind of pattern on the kitchen’s floor.

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    1. oh, once I saw the article on NME that he was interviewed in his house, there his cat he said he loves, and that cat (I don’t remember she or he… ) was just like this cat with young Zac.
      I think I still have some articles or magazines, including Japanese, I’ll try to find them! (I have tons of CDs, cassettes or vinyls and photos so I have a warehouse for that but it’s a bit far from where I live)

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      1. Sadly this Cat here was knocked over by a car not much longer after this, She was a stray that adopted us, but her downfall was that she was so friendly and I think she followed someone across the road who has just made a fuss of her. Come to think of it, I think Zac was only 11 here as I remember being about 15

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      2. I made a bit confusion here, this pretty cat and the cat living with him in London (NME article) not the same cat. I meant to say two of cats were black and white, quite resemble.


  2. Hey there! Great photo. That is so sad to hear about your lovely cat : ( That must have been tough!

    It’s so funny when i see the spice rack in the kitchen. It really brings me back to our kitchen in the late 70’s too what with the spices and the wall paper. Hillarious!!!

    It’s good to see Zac liked animals. I always think that shows a sensitive side to people which is a good thing. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you putting the pic on the website at all.

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  3. Poor little cat. At least she or he’s been happy in Foley’s family and Zac arms (really lucky) til the end. Thanks Anne Marie for sharing some part of your family life. For Rumi… if you find that article in NME about Zac… feel free to post it here, cause I would like to read it.

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  4. Oh, this foto is so heartwarming โค So Zac seemed to be a โ€œcat manโ€ . Interesting to know. To be honest I thought he rather were a โ€œdog manโ€. I am not sure now if anybody knows what I mean at all ๐Ÿ™‚ AnneMarie, why should he be cross with you? This is a very nice picture ๐Ÿ™‚

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