Just want to say thank you to all of you that have visited and commented so far.

It`s silly really, but it make`s me feel he is still around when some of you want to know things about him.. his taste in music, things he liked to do, etc…

I only reason I know that he lives on is because of the lovely people that have visited here remember him.

Also, another reason I know he lives on is that I knew he died before anyone told me, that same thought tell`s me his life force is still living on, in whatever form that takes..

Thanks for all your visits and comments,

Much love… AnneMarie  x x


9 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. It’s kinda weird because I’ve always wanted to write a Private Message to you on Facebook to ask some things about Zac… But I was too shy and, most of all, I didn’t want to bother you. So I’m glad that it pleased you. I hope more people will come here to visit.

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  2. Hi AnneMarie, I’ve just read your email and i’ve also read Virginie’s, and like Virginie i didn’t want to bother you either but i really appreciate and respect what you have done to remember your brother and it shows what a down to earth and unique person you are and i really mean this. I know what it’s like to lose someone close to you from your family and i think it’s so lovely that you have opened this website in memory of your lovely brother. I have never met him but i wish i did because of the amount of positive things that have been said about him. I have two brothers and i can relate to you in some ways. I’m guessing you are quite a spiritual person and so am i. I believe we’re here for a reason although we may not understand why but hopefully it will make sense when we leave here. I am sure you will see him again. I hope this message doesn’t sound too heavy or deep. I know he was loved by so many people as i’ve seen the comments on facebook so like Virginie says hopefully more people will come here to visit. I’d love to hear a few stories about him. Keep up the good work : )

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  3. I’ve nothing to say because Virginie and Linda already said what I feel. I have the same with their thoughts. It’s a pity there’s time difference I live in Japan and so my post is too late, though, thinking of and loving hime are the same with all of you here.
    In my mind he’s still here and there, specially with AnneMarie, and travelling all around the world, to enjoy the nature and give us to say hello… wishful thinking.

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      1. Thank you Linda ❤️
        As Virginie kindly said you gotta your account here.
        I’m so glad for sharing the same thought with you really.


  4. To press the like buttom you have to have an account here … I don’t have it so as you, Linda, I can’t push the buttom either. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one to appreciate that Zac fan site. I hope, where he is right now, he knows.

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  5. Dear AnneMarie, I am glad to see that it seems to give you positive energies. To all of us. For me it feels a bit like bundled energy of all the people which found in here. Thanx once more for this marvellous site (and also on FB). I hope your photos of Zac will never run out (oh yes, they will, I know ;)) And I know now that I made a step into the right direction. You know what I mean 😉

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