9 thoughts on “a young Zac

  1. thanx for this pic 😀 memories of the eighties coming up 🙂 Did he enjoy painting? Because of the pictures on the wall…?


    1. He was`nt too bad at drawing Anja, but didnt really do much of it, the paintings are my efforts, (as best as i could manage) he asked me to draw some of his favorite musicians, Bob Dylan being one of them

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    1. No I dont to be honest, I`ll try and find out for you though, it reminds me a little of the album cover for Primal Scream album `Screamadelica `


  2. I almost think it was drawing by Mark cause he always was good in doing such things. I love the cover of Schubert Dip. It is one of the covers which is burning into mind forever 😀

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