Thanks To Zac`s fans

I just want to say thanks to all of you for your kind words for Zac.

I will try my best to do his memory justice and will endeavor to live up to that task.

I set up this website with his fans in mind, so please feel free to post any artwork or poems or whatever else you feel like sending.

I didn’t expect the site to take of this well, so its quite heartwarming to see how well he was loved ,

I`ll will try to post a bit more often, I`m still a bit worn out from traveling away ( dam delayed trains)  so got back quite late and only just waking up,,  zzzzzzzzz  ,… or trying to   ..


Thanks again all  🙂     x

love AnneMarie    x


2 thoughts on “Thanks To Zac`s fans

  1. Just update in your own, dear, AnneMarie.
    At least, for me, just watching this site will make me happy, and glad when his fan visit here, of course!


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